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DooM 4 years ago
My girlfriend would cum on my dick while i fuck her doggy style looking back at me with her eyes rolling back in her head and back down again, the head of my dick punching her cervix like a fucking battering ram, 'your going to cum aren't you?' my cock would squirt so hard her legs would tremble, her eyes rolling once againb biting her bottom lip and finally burying her face in the pillow, ...Yep, im a dad now. Lol.
hell yeah 4 years ago
i LOVE to hear a girl BEG for my cum inside her pussy!!
3 years ago
I loveeee begging a guy for his cum! And feeling him bust inside of me and his dick throbbing in my pussy. This makes me so wet !
3 years ago
This has my pussy dripping wet!!!
Woah 4 years ago
The second one though, I’m a woman but if I was ramming a girl with a strap on and she was talking like that, I’d probably die
Yum 3 years ago
My boyfriend cums inside my pussy when I beg him to and it’s so hot how he moans and wiggles around on top of me trying to get every drop of his sperm inside me. He loves when he gets to explode in this tight slippery wet cunt.
Mai 4 years ago
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Hairygrannyluver 4 years ago
Good to see some pubic hair coming back into fashion
4 years ago
This is so hot, I love it
Come deep in this pussy 3 years ago
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